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HDN Food Limited was established in 2003 which become a full scale professional food manufacturers and suppliers during the past decade. Our factory occupies a total area of 16,660 ㎡ which located in Xixia County, Nanyang City, Henan Province, where is famous for the mushrooms. Owing to many years’effort, we have gained reliance and trust from our customers and established a good reputation in the market......


Product Center

Canned shiitake whole
Lacquered tinplate can & glass jar

Shiitake is a high-protein, low-fat nutritional health food products.

Tinplate can

Pear is rich in sugar, protein,carbohydrate and many kinds of vitamins, plays an important role to human body health.

Yellow Peach
Tinplate can

Yellow Peach can not only improve immunity and other effects, but also to promote the appetite.

Lacquered tinplate can

Champinon is not only a kind of delicious, nutrition vegetable, and it is with health care function of health food.

Exported to overseas
We main manage fruit  cans export foods .Mainly processes canned foods mandarin orange ,yellow peach ,pear ,fruit cocktail. We have self-management export right , goods are sold to Us, Europe ,and welcomed by customers.

The strength of our company, developed and strong
Excellent strength

Business cooperation
We welcome all our friends to negotiate with us about the business and development plans. 

The advanced technology at home and abroad
Advanced process line and canned foods production technology and craft are introduced from domestic and foreign .It can product forty thousand ton per year ,output total value more than two hundred million Yuan.
The company had many system certificates such as ISO9001,HACCP,FDA,IFS,BRC,STAR-K.For many years it was assessed as the important leading enterprise and many other honors continuously.

Healthy life needs healthy can

We put the raw materials processed, allocate, canning, sealing and sterilizing, cooling, or aseptic filling,
meet commercial aseptic requirements, at room temperature to long-term preservation of food.
Canned food made of two key features: the sealing and sterilization.



Add:No. 269, Xixia Industrial Zone, Xixia County, Nanyang City, Henan Province 

Tel:+86 18696119161

Mail:tina@hdnfood.com / jenna@hdnfood.com



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